"We have had several of your SB-150's for years and years, and haven't had to do maintenance, These are being used overseas to clean kitchen equipment."

– Scott Burke

"There is an extensive amount of space we have cleaned, and countless hours we've put on the machine with very little maintenance, etc. Thanks."

– Steve

"We brought in Sodablast because we wanted surface preparation, not surface removal. Wild Oats keel is machined to tolerances of a 1/1000th of an inch and any variations could prove critical"

– David

"Rhonda – The SodaBlaster worked great. They were using it at the Giants Stadium to clean up the Willy Mays memorial and it even made the paper. They did a write up on it."

– Harry at Edward R Bacon

"I am getting 300 sq ft of cleaning out of 50 lbs of soda."

– Paul Howard

"One guy is getting done in 2 hours what it was taking 3 guys 10 days to do. Now all of the guys want to use the mobile."

– Rick Foote @ Evonik

"Sodablast removed the paint from a wall to be rendered so quickly it was unbelievable. We use the Sodablast team regularly for paint removal from a variety of surfaces. The best thing is there is no clean up as they did it all!"

– Mal

"Sodablast successfully removed two layers of paint from sandstone on a Heritage building in a fraction of the time of other methods. The finish was beyond our expectations and I highly recommend them."

– Nigel

"I dry ice blasted a bakers rack from a large bakery. It was covered in baked-on protein and oil residue.  The ice was ineffective. I tried for 20 minutes with 4 different nozzles. That got me about 10% done.  I soda blasted the remaining 90% in 25 more minutes.  Perhaps I was just not picking projects that ice was not meant for. I went on to attempt to blast an auto door panel and cast aluminum powder coated patio chair. The ice just did not strip the paint quickly enough to be cost effective. SodaBlasting was 75% faster as opposed to the 25% the speed of dry ice."

– Jim Riehl, Independent Contractor

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Fire and Mold Restorastion

Our SodaBlasters are naturally Environmentally Friendly! Using our Specially Formulated Baking Soda Eliminates Toxins and Hazardous Chemical exposure to you and the environment!